How Sign Writers and Installers Will Ensure You Have Compelling Signage for Boosted Sales

Commercial signage is integral for any business with a brick and mortar premises for several reasons. Wayfinding signage, as an example, works to ensure that customers can easily make their way around your business without ending up in unauthorised areas. Informational signage, on the other hand, can convey specific information to your customers such as your operational hours, promotions you are currently running and more.

But when it comes to outdoor signs, some business owners think they simply need to have their business name mounted in front of their store. However, your outdoor signage is what gets potential customers through the doors. Hence, the cheapest solution is not always the best. Instead, keep reading for ways that sign writers and installers will ensure that you have compelling signage for boosted sales.

Identifying relevant data to put on the sign

A common blunder that some business owners are prone to making when enlisting sign installation services for the first time is thinking that cramming as much information as they can about their business on the sign will make it informative to the customer, but this is the wrong way to go about it. The more data that is crowded into one piece of signage, the busier that it will look, and this detracts from its visual appeal. Moreover, most people will not be willing to spend more than a minute trying to read all the data that you are displaying on that particular sign. Hence, you do not communicate your intended message.

Working with sign writers and installers is beneficial for your business since they have the expertise to narrow down the data you want to include to what is most relevant. Additionally, they will know how to mount these outdoor signs strategically for maximum exposure. Consequently, more people are exposed to your message, and they will likely understand all the information available.

Using the right fonts and colours

The second mistake that business owners make when outsourcing sign installation services is thinking that bigger and bolder signs will make more of an impact. However, this is rarely ever the case. The reality is that your sign could be a nightmare to read for your customers! What seasoned sign writers and installers can help you with is choosing a font that is both eye-catching yet legible.

Instead of leaning towards fonts that are characterised by being heavily cursive, you should instead opt for letters that are straight and perhaps accented with bold lines. When it comes to colours, contrast is fundamental for legible signage. The sign experts can help you with selecting colours that not only highlight each other but also match the branding of your business.

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