VIntage Sign Options for Your Small Business

Starting a small business is an option for many people who are trying to become more sustainable. . These small businesses tend to be in specific niches and service industries. You may decide to start a business out of your home. Your business may grow rapidly, leading you to buy a storefront. The key thing your storefront needs is sign installation. If you do not want a large modern sign and you want to keep things simple, consider going vintage. Here are some vintage sign ideas to consider and the sign installation process they require. 

Vintage Lettering

Sign writing often helps with your lettering, slogans, and placing the letters on the sign correctly. Sign companies tend to offer sign writing services that help create wording and placement fitting your sign design plan. One of the options they offer is different lettering fonts. This is the design and size of the lettering you want to use. If you want to go with a vintage sign, you can choose an Old English font or lettering. You can also choose designs used in different eras such as 1950s block designs. Script fonts are also available depending on the sign style you are considering. 

Colour Palette

You can have a great idea for your sign design. You can also have beautiful lettering. If you do not use the proper colour palette, you can end up with an unreadable sign. For example, extremely dark backgrounds can cause lettering to pop harshly while colours that are the same or close to the lettering can cause wording to blend. You want a legible and easy-to-read sign. You want something that is easy for people to read and is easy on their eyes. Your sign company can help by offering to choose the colour palette for you or to make suggestions for the ideal colours you need. 

Hanging and Placement

Hanging and placement of your sign are vital. You want your sign to be visible to not only passing drivers but also to people who may be walking by your store. You also want to keep the hanging style that matches your sign. For example, a vintage sign should have a hanging and placement that matches that. You can use wrought iron sign hangers to achieve this. You can also take the suggestions of your sign company which will be handling the sign installation. 

Vintage signs come in a wide variety and are ideal for businesses such as laundry services. Many sign companies also allow you to design your own sign or use their design services to create the ideal sign for you. They will also perform the sign installation at your business location. If you need multiple signs for your business, including car magnets, you can discuss those with the sign company of your choice. 

Contact a sign installation service to learn more.