Two Types of Signs That School Principals Might Want to Order for Their Schools

In addition to the usual signage that is found in almost all schools (such as signs displaying the name of the school, signs providing directions to various classrooms and those pointing to emergency exits) there are a couple of other types of signs that principals might want to order for their schools. Read on to find out what they are.

A sign encouraging those collecting their children to turn off their vehicles' engines

When parents or guardians come to collect their children from school, they will often sit in their cars outside the school gates and keep their engines running whilst they wait for their children to emerge from the classrooms. If a principal notices this happening regularly outside their own school, they should consider ordering a sign which encourages these vehicle owners to switch off their engines whilst they wait. There are two benefits to doing this.

Firstly, it will mean the schoolchildren who will be milling around the school gates at the same time as these car owners will not inhale quite as much of the fumes from the vehicles' exhaust pipes. This is important, as exhaust fumes are comprised of things such as carbon monoxide, benzene and nitrogen oxides, all of which can cause health problems if people inhale excessive amounts of them.

Secondly, if these parents and guardians routinely comply with the sign's request, their carbon footprint will become smaller, because their cars will be producing fewer emissions. Even this small reduction has the potential to positively affect the environment over time.

Several anti-bullying signs

School principals should also consider ordering a few signs with anti-bullying slogans and information printed on them. These signs could be placed in areas of the school like the playground and the hallways, where the children are not quite as closely supervised as they might be in the classrooms (as these are the areas where incidents of bullying are most likely to take place).

The reason for this is as follows; whilst principals should not rely entirely on this signage to eradicate bullying in their schools, these signs could help to raise awareness of, for example, the behaviours that are considered to be bullying (as a child might not even realise that they are bullying another child when, for example, they 'jokingly' mock their appearance) and could provide children who feel their friend is being bullied with specific actions that they can take (such as talking to a teacher or standing up to the bully in a non-aggressive manner). These signs, when used alongside other bullying prevention methods, could help school principals to tackle this difficult issue.

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