Indicators that You Need to Replace Your Braille Tactile Signs

Braille tactile signs are very crucial in all commercial establishments. They are now a legal requirement, as part of the measures introduced to make all public spaces open and accessible to people with disabilities. Specific rules and regulations exist to guide the creation of braille tactile signs. Because of their delicate design, these signs normally need a little more maintenance than others. Here are some of the common indicators that your current signage may need to be fixed.

Outdated Content

One of the main reasons to consider changing your braille tactile signs is when you realise they contain outdated information. For instance, if a sign had been installed to guide people towards a boardroom, but the particular part of the building has now become a kitchen or private office, it would make sense to remove the braille sign and have one with the appropriate information installed. Changing the signage may seem like an obvious measure to take, but you will be shocked by the number of people who forget to change braille signs when they are changing everything else.

Broken Portions 

Another common sign that it is time to replace your braille tactile signs is when parts of the sign start breaking off. Most of these signs are made of resin and other polymers. These are generally durable materials. However, with time and constant exposure to variant temperatures and moisture, these polymers weaken and start disintegrating. The signs also encounter a lot of external forces. A broken tactile sign should be replaced immediately.

Compliance Reasons

Older tactile signs did not adhere to all the rules set by the national disability service and other bodies that regulate the design and production of the signs. The new signs have to adhere to guidelines on the size of the sign, the lettering, the imaging used, the colour background and the size of the letters. Only experts understand these guidelines well enough to create appropriate signs. It is recommended that you consult with them before replacing older signs with new ones.

Tactile signs are there to help people with disabilities have an easy time moving around your premises. They are also there to make sure that you effectively advertise your business to people with visual impairments. Take time when selecting a supplier of your tactile braille signs, as it will determine how well they serve their purpose. To learn more about your options, contact a company that sells braille tactile signs.