Two Simple Ways to Improve Brand Awareness

When you first start a new business, regardless of whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a veteran in the business, don't be surprised if you have some trouble increasing your brand exposure. This is a problem many people have, but this isn't because it's a difficult thing to manage. The problem usually arises because people tend to focus on more traditional features of their business, when marketing your business is usually just as important. So, what are some simple things you can do to make potential customers more aware of your brand?

Digitally Spread Your Logo

You probably hear that you need to make a social media page all the time, but if you've read this far, you probably haven't done it yet. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a must, but there are also many more you should check out, which are each useful to different types of businesses. For example, if you're staring up a veterinary practice, a YouTube account may be a good idea; people love both surgery footage and pets, and owners would usually love seeing what happens.

Not only do social media pages let people know that your business actually exists, but the degree to which this is the case depends entirely on you. You could ask customers politely to like your page on Facebook, you could share photos of your staff enjoying work, you could update customers on available stock and much more. And if you link your business's website on your social media pages, the better your social media pages do, the higher your website will rank in search engines like Google!

Physically Spread Your Logo

High brand awareness has been proven time and time again to be fundamental to a business's success. There is an incredible amount of things you can do to make people more aware of your brand and hence more likely to think of your business when a relevant problem arises.

For example, you could buy or make your own stencils with a stencil maker, then go crazy with some spray paint in and around your facilities. Or get some stickers made online, and give them to your customers free of charge. Even if the only place they stick them is in a drawer, at least they'll be reminded of your brand every time they see the stickers. You could also get personalised rubber stamps made online to stamp your logo on related paperwork, letters or receipts. This gives a guarantee of exposure at well under the price of a sticker—all it requires is a couple drops of cheap ink. The possibilities when it comes to increasing people's awareness of your brand are only limited by your creativity.