Common Mistakes Many Business Owners Make With Their Signage

The signs outside your business need to alert visitors as to your location and may also work to generate business, as passersby may notice your store or restaurant sign and be impelled to step inside. While business signs are very important for your company, many business owners make a few common mistakes with their signs and, in turn, may see customers drive past or never consider stopping inside. Note a few of those mistakes so you're sure to avoid them yourself.

1. Fancy, difficult font

Your font should reflect the business type and its overall setting, but it shouldn't be so fancy that it can't be read. If you use a font that is overly ornate and scrolling, the letters can become indecipherable, especially from a distance. It's also not unusual for business owners to use all capital letters for their signage, and this too can make it illegible if the font is very fancy and scrolling. Consider if you might need to switch to a plainer font or use lower case letters so the words on your sign are very easy to ready.

2. Too much or not enough information

If your retail store has an easily recognizable name as is usually the case of a franchise, you may not need to add extra information on your sign. This can make it look cluttered and busy, and potential visitors may overlook the name itself. 

However, if your business name doesn't explain the business itself, you may need to add more information so visitors know about what you're selling. For instance, if your business is just named 'Tony's', this won't tell potential customers that you own a pizza restaurant. A better choice might be 'Tony's' with the words 'Homemade Pizza' or other such information underneath it. Look at your sign as if you've never visited your business before and note if a stranger could easily determine what the business is all about.

3. Poor color choices

A black sign may look very modern and bold, but can it be found at night? A lighter color sign might be more visible, but are the letters a darker or bolder color so they really stand out? Do the colors reflect the business properly? For instance, red is often seen as a "fun" color so it might not be good for a funeral home sign, whereas a serious and dull grey color might be a bit bland for a child's toy store. Choose colors that are easy to see but which fit with the business itself.

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