Primary Criteria for Picking the Right Vinyl Car Decals

Looking to update the look of your car without removing its original paint? Applying vinyl car decals is a great way to accomplish this goal, but you'll have to choose the right vinyl for your needs. 

As there are many different types of vinyl to meet the needs of various car owners, picking the right vinyl for your car can be a rather confusing task. Here are some critical questions to ask in determining which car decals to buy.

1. Where do you want to put the car decals?

Provided the surface is clean, flat, and smooth, a vinyl car decal will stick to it. However, not all surfaces are created equal, so different types of adhesives will be needed to make the vinyl stick properly.

Vinyl car decals are generally available for use on the body of a car or the vehicle's windows. When deciding on which type of vinyl to use, be sure to consider which surface you are sticking on. Use window decals for windows and car body decals for sticking on the body of your vehicle. Otherwise, you'll not achieve the desired results.

2. Do you want a temporary or permanent application of the car decals?

Vinyl for cars can either be removable or permanent. If you want to temporarily put up car decals, go with removable vinyl as it can be easily removed without damaging your paint or windows. If you want something that will serve you well over the long term, you're better off paying extra for permanent vinyl.

The main difference between the two types of vinyl is the kind of adhesive used to apply the vinyl. Permanent vinyl generally comes with a stronger adhesive than removable vinyl, thus tends to last longer.

3. Which sort of conditions will the decals be exposed to?

Outdoor conditions also play a role in the type of vinyl you should put on your car. Extreme weather conditions, such as hot and cold temperatures can affect vinyl adhesion, thus shortening the lifespan of your vinyl. When choosing vinyl for your car, make sure you choose a product that will remain intact despite the vagaries of the local weather.

While vinyl car decals are easy to install, even the slightest mistakes made during the installation process can lead to unsatisfactory results, thus wasting time and money. If you want to ensure a quality application of your vinyl car decals, it's best to let a professional do the job for you.