Why Laser Engraving Is The Best Way To Make Signs For Your Business

Signs have been an important part of retail businesses for hundreds of years. In that time, many improvements have been made, from the material of the signs used to the method in which the signs were engraved. There are still many different sign options, from paint, screen-printing, airbrushing and etching to anything else you could possibly think of. However, all these methods fall short of laser engraving for a few reasons. If you are trying to find a good way to make signs for your business, here is why you should choose laser engraving.


While most signs these days are created by machines or pressing mills, none of these methods has the precision you can get from a laser engraving. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The point of the laser is extremely fine and creates very delicate strokes and shapes that cannot be replicated by mechanical counterparts.
  2. The laser is entirely controlled by a computer that leaves virtually no chance for human error. 

For companies that want smaller signs or signs with intricate patterns, laser engraving is often the only way to accurately achieve what they want.

Quick Delivery

Laser engraving is one of the fastest ways to get a sign done because all you have to do is get your design and insert it into the application that controls the laser. There is no modification of the machine or changing of coloured ink. The whole process can be done in minutes if the material you want your sign to be made of is on hand. That makes laser engraving very useful for businesses that are trying to take advantage of quick sales or trends that could be gone in days. If time is of the utmost essence, this is by far the best method for you.

Almost Any Material Can Be Engraved

Whether you want a beautiful wooden sign or a modern plastic one, almost anything can be engraved with a laser. Other methods of imprinting designs onto materials have quite stringent requirements for what can and cannot be used due to the shape of the machine or the size of the object. Often, signs that are made through other methods will peel off or loosen very quickly if the base material is a weird shape. Laser engraving removes all those issues because it actually cuts into and modifies the base material. If you want to make a statement with your next sign, you should not look past laser engraving.